Dr. Peters can help you get diagnosed and treated for Peyronie’s disease


Dr. David Peters is a Urologist who is also Fellowship-trained in Male Sexual Health.  He has established a robust Men’s Health practice that is dedicated to caring for patients with Peyronie’s Disease.

It may comfort you to know that Dr. Peters talks about sensitive subjects like this every day, and his staff is highly trained to ensure your comfort during your visit.

Dr. Peters offers both non-surgical and surgical treatments to manage your penile curvature




Non-surgical Treatments


Traction Devices & Vacuum Devices

Oral Medications

Penile Injections




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Non-surgical Treatments: Traction and Vacuum Devices


Traction Devices


  • Avoids risks of surgery
  • Avoids needles to the penis
  • Works well with penile injection therapy
  • Potential to increase penis length
  • Side effects generally mild


  • Time consuming (up to several hours/day)
  • Potential for penile injury, bruising
  • Cumbersome, difficult to use
  • Typically small to modest improvement, Lots of effort

Vacuum Devices


  • Avoids risks of surgery
  • Avoids needles to the penis
  • Potential to improve girth


  • Cumbersome, difficult to use
  • May cause pain, numbness
  • Minimal improvement
  • Inferior to traction therapy

Non-surgical Treatments: Oral Therapy



  • Potential to reduce progression of Peyronie’s
  • Treatment option during early (acute) Peyronie’s
  • May help reduce pain from Peyronie’s disease


  • No oral therapies FDA approved to treat Peyronie’s
  • Not as effective as injections or surgery

Non-surgical Treatments: Injection Therapy



  • Only FDA approved non-surgical option (Xiaflex)
  • More effective than other non-surgical treatments
  • Tiny needle, minimal discomfort
  • May help avoid surgery
  • Does not reduce penis length
  • Typically mild side effects: bruising, swelling


  • Treatment may take several months
  • Series of injections, multiple visits
  • Typically a gradual improvement
  • Risk of penile rupture, injury
  • Not effective for all patients

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